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Custom Designed Dashboards

Business Intelligence

SquareTrend assists businesses with custom designed analytics and business intelligence, empowering companies to gain insight from their data without the expense of an internal analytics team. SquareTrend offers third-party analytics, dashboards, and business intelligence solutions to improve efficiency and increase profits.


Executive Dashboards

SquareTrend creates beautiful business intelligence dashboards for executive use, creating a powerful tool to gain insight into the performance of your company. Our dashboards empower executives to interact with and drill down into their data to answer meaningful questions. 


Value Creation: 

Dashboards can be used to impress key investors, board members or potential partners.  Imagine the possibilities of an interactive data driven dashboard.  

Custom Analytics. Data Advisory.

Dashboard Analytics

SquareTrend creates customized dashboards allowing our clients to quickly explore their company's data.

  • Keep pace with the large world of data and gain a competitive advantage

  • Save time and money from an in-house effort

  • Increase profits and market share by focusing on your company’s core competency

  • Gain insight to future profit potential

Data Advisory

Tracking, storing, and organizing company data for future use requires following “best practices” for business intelligence. 
SquareTrend assists clients by getting them on a path for future success by establishing processes and protocols that are customized to improve their business. 

  • Data organization and optimization

  • Track and normalize key data points

  • Secure data warehouse

  • Increase efficiency


About SquareTrend

The power of an analytics team at a fraction of the cost

SquareTrend offers a better, smarter way to track business performance or market research. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an analytics team, businesses can save time and money by setting up useful dashboards through SquareTrend without the long term commitment of hiring in-house analysts.  SquareTrend makes business intelligence simple for anyone looking to gain insight from their data.

SquareTrend serves virtually every market and industry:

-- Energy

-- Heath Care

-- Retail

-- Product Sales

-- Education

-- Human Resources

-- Accounting

-- Finance

-- Inventory Management

-- Broadcasting

-- Food

-- Legal

-- Marketing

-- Transportation

The business world today is data-driven and companies who utilize data have a unique edge over their competition. SquareTrend offers affordable solutions to companies looking to take advantage of their data and gain valuable insight into their business.


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